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Mom Wants More

Jul 16, 2019

We talk a lot here about going after our dreams, pursuing our passions, and showing up wholeheartedly to our right-now season of life. For most of us here at the MWM community, that means doing all of this in the middle of motherhood.

Can we just make a little room here for the fact that it's not always easy?

Is that okay?

We'll be the first to admit that it's a complicated, fluid, and fine line to walk between fully honoring the gift of motherhood while actively uncovering and cultivating our other gifts at the same time.

We also want to stop and acknowledge that our role as Mom IS one of our biggest passions and dreams. You'll never hear us say that you need to be more than "just a mom". In fact, that phrase makes us want to flip some tables.

Motherhood is the most meaningful privilege we've ever known.

But it's also not our sole identifier, the only important work we'll ever do, or the final chapter in the story God is writing for us.

We want to acknowledge that tension, the push and pull between all the different hats we wear in a day, because it's REAL.

Today on the podcast we're talking about loss and heartache on the road towards motherhood, as well as how we balance our role as Mom with all of our other roles. We believe that these are not mutually exclusive, but rather different (and complimentary!) parts of our whole self.

It's okay to love motherhood AND love doing other things too.

It's okay to be passionate about your talents and dreams AND also not have a big plan for where they'll lead.

It's okay to take time to adjust to your role as mom AND your role as a creative human being.

It's okay to want to show up in the best way possible for BOTH your family and your other work.

Today we're making room for BOTH/AND because Lord knows it does not have to be one or the other.

This episode was originally #67 but we are re-releasing it as a part of our Summer Series- we hope you enjoy!