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Mom Wants More

Jul 9, 2019


If you've ever had trouble identifying your "thing" then you don't want to miss this episode!

Amber& Alanasat down with Lindsay McPhail and the conversation that followed was straight fire. Which is fitting because Lindsay is a self described fire starter. A risk taker. An adventure maker.

What we loved to much about this episode (and why we chose it to be a part of our Summer Series) is how real this conversation was. It got emotional at points and funny at other points, but the whole episode is just so, so encouraging for any mama who's trying to uncover and pursue her passions!

Linday is passionate about disrupting culture and inviting people to experience God in a real way. She’s been married for 18 years and has 4 boys. Along with her husband, she’s helped bring a children’s charity called Sparrow Clubs to the Rogue Valley in Oregon in 2003, and received a home from ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home edition in 2011.

Since then she’s written a few books, run retreats, and started the Barnstormer’s Vintage Fair. She’s currently the editor in chief of the Wild Woman Magazine and runs an outreach called Women's Fight Night.

She fully believes that when we know who we are and walk powerfully in what God has given us, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

We couldn't agree more!

This episode was originally #34 but we are re-releasing it as a part of our Summer Series- we hope you enjoy!