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Mom Wants More

Aug 13, 2019

Ever feel like you don' t have a "thing"?

We talk a lot here about pursuing your passions, acknowledging/ naming/getting after your dreams, and leaning in to your unique creative bent.

Those are all lovely and powerful ideas- but what if you DON'T KNOW what those things are yet? Or maybe you have a sense of it but it still feels foggy and unclear and you aren't sure how it's supposed to fit into your actual right-now life.

The last thing we ever want to do is make you feel like you need to be "more" than you already are- or that you now need to add "pursuing my dreams" to your already long to-do list.

Your creative self isn't something "out there" that you need to go find, it's more of an "in here" piece of the puzzle that's already in place. It's been there since you were born.

Uncovering your creative talents and dreams is really just about settling into who you ALREADY are.

But we understand that it can be tricky business, especially in the middle of motherhood, busy schedules, and demanding seasons. So today on the podcast we're pulling back the curtain on words like "art", and "creativity" and offering up some super practical tools of how you can uncover your inner artist right now, today:

  1. Pay Attention
  2. Ask
  3. Try New Things (Play)
  4. Take a Risk/Wait

This episode was originally #40 but we are re-releasing it as a part of our Summer Series- we hope you enjoy!