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Mom Wants More

Jun 11, 2019

Rest is one of those things that's real easy to talk about and a lot harder to actually DO, amirite? As moms we're always fussing over our kids, reminding them they need rest, and making sure they get it, so often forgetting how badly we need it ourselves.

Part of being a grownup is learning how to listen to the heartbeat of our own life and remembering to slow down when the pulse quickens to that all-too-familiar frenetic pace.

Today we're sharing practical ways of HOW you can implement rest we're and WHY we believe that Rest:

  • Needs a full stop
  • Must be planned for ahead of time (otherwise it's often just damage control or too little/too late)
  • Is not a reward for "finishing"
  • Is 100% necessary to a healthy inner life

Behind the scenes we've been talking about and ruminating over this idea of Rest ALL year- what it truly means, how we can plan for it, and many of the surprising benefits of it that we're discovering in our personal lives. We are SO excited to start this conversation with you because we've got some big ideas about it as well as some big news to share (hint hint: we're gonna put our money where our mouth is).